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SuperH Analytics

If you want to map the future, we can help.

Big Data + Competitive Intelligence

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Companies come to SuperH because they envision a big opportunity, the kind of opportunity that propels a business forward, faster than the competition can blink.

Big opportunities are driven by innovation. Innovation is driven by disruptive and emerging technologies. Disruptive and emerging technologies are driven by research, invented, tested, and brought to market every hour of every day in every continent on the globe.

Our customers come to us because like every business everywhere, they have competitors who are trying to win the innovation race.

Companies separate themselves from their competitors based on how efficiently unstructured data gets transformed and the quality of the algorithms responsible for uncovering interesting, relevant and valuable relationships within the massive data.

That’s what we do.

SuperH Features

We provide a SaaS platform that processes through billions of pieces of differently formatted open source data, utilizing proprietary algorithms and expert analysis to uncover unique technologies, affiliated organizations, and the associated experts.

Visualize Changing Technological Landscape
Research technologies across time to visualize the changing industry landscape.
Map Hidden R&D Relationships
Map relationships between research teams and institutions to uncover previously hidden partnerships and alliances.
Identify Geographical R&D Patterns
Identify geographic patterns associated with the technology.
Rank Organizations' Technology Portfolio
Identify research labs involved in the most advanced research associated with particular technologies.