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Big Data is the new frontier of competitiveness.

Another word for data is experience. What if you could aggregate all that experience and put it to work improving the future of your company?


The Future of Market Intelligence

More data has been created in the past two years than in the entire history of the human race.

But less than 0.5% of all that data is ever analyzed and used.

SuperH is changing that.

SuperH is a data analytics firm that captures massive global information about intellectual property (IP) related to science and technology. We use that data combined with a set of algorithms to map the emergence of a science or technology within an industry.

We help companies solve problems, accelerate product development, and grow market share and revenue by accessing this data.

We help economic development organizations take the concept of location quotients and regional competitive advantages to identify their region's drivers of economic growth. With SuperH, we can now answer those questions with real data on intellectual property as well as jobs and income. This will impact the market's growth potential.

Janet Harrah

Senior Director
Center for Economic Analysis and Development
Northern Kentucky University